Who We are and Where We Came From
A Historical Peek at Long Prairie Gun and Archery Club
The Long Prairie Gun and Archery Club - LPGAC (formerly the Simpson Recreation Association Gun and Archery Club) has been serving the shooting public in the Eureka/Arcata area of Humboldt County, California for over 40 years. The Club range is approximately 6 acres in size and offers both rifle and pistol shooting bays.  The Club has been at its present location since 1978.  In 2009, the Club reorganized into a Non-Profit Mutual Corporation updating the Club's bylaws, and adopted NRA based Standard Operating Procedures.  Membership has annually fluctuated between 175 and 300 members.  Current membership is 210 with new members joining monthly.  Additionally there are three Law Enforcement Organizations (LEO) that use the club for training and certification.  The sub-agreement groups include LEOs from the City of Eureka, Humboldt County and the North Coast division of the Department of Fish and Game Wardens.  These State, County and City LEO representatives number approximately 75 shooters the utilize the Range multiple times during the year. 
The Club also has sub-agreements with two local businesses that provide CCW permit certifications, home defense training, RSO training and California Hunter Safety classes.  The opportunities offered through these NRA trained instructors allow more that 100 memb ers of the Public to access the Club on an annual basis. 
The Club opens the facilities to the General Public two weeks prior to the B Zone deer season in which more than 200 shooters utilize the range to sight in their deer rifles.  Unique to the region, our range has the potential to offer target shooting out to 600 yards.  Currently the lease area limits shooters to 300 yard targets; with the caveat that after the lead recovery project is complete, the landowner will expand the lease area to include the historically used distant targets.
The Range is the host site for monthly events by local, independent Clubs that includes Cowboy Action, North Coast Pistol League and Black Powder Shooters.  Although these groups include club members, they also include non LPGAC members as well as allow for public drop-ins at thier monthly events.  The Cowboy Action group hosts its annual three day event in July which attracts other Clubs from around the western region.  In years past, this event has attracted over 150 Cowboy Action Shooters to participate in this event.  LPGAC is currently working with both the Cowboy and Pistol Clubs to revive and host these larger events.  The reconfiguration of the Range, post lead recovery, plans to include shooting bays that have been designed by lead members of these associations.
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