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Long Prarier Gun and Archery Club
P.O. Box 416
Arcata, Ca 95518

Going Long

Plans are to extend the range back to 600 yards with your help, donations, and proceeds from the dinner.  If you would like to help with the range improvements or maintenance please call me at 707-839-1416 Craig Casey, President LPGAC.

Upcoming plans and work parties:

We now have in our property lease the area from 300 yards to 600 yards.  In the past, we had targets at 600 yards but we were informed by the landowner that our lease only went to 300 yards.  At that time the long distant targets had to come down.  Part of the negotiations was that our lease could be extended to 600 yards if we did lead recovery and made the range so that every expended round went into a recoverable berm.  We did that by hiring a lead recovery company to sift through the berms to recover lead then rebuilt the pistol side of the range to include 5 action bays where you could shoot 180 degrees safely and yet recover all of the lead in the future when needed.

The following year we moved a lot of dirt to help with drainage, install a 36-inch culvert to replace an 18 inch, raise the berms on the action bays a little and add some gravel to the road accessing the range.  All of these projects cost us a lot of money and we are not finished bringing the range up to our standards which include 7 and 15-yard targets on the pistol side plus new target stands and backers on the 200 and 300-yard rifle berms.  We are also planning to update our benches with solid cement style benches.  We had plans to build the benches in 2018 but had to stop as the funds to build them were spent on the dirt work previously mentioned.

Step forward to Sept. 2018

Right now we need to have some work parties to do range upkeep.

We need to replace the plastic windows that line the back of the range.

We need to mow the lawns and weed eat the berms surrounding the range.

We need to cut the trees and shrubs leading up to the 600 yard target area, buck up the bigger stuff for firewood and prepare the area for targets or gongs including making target and gong hangers.

If you are able to do or organize this kind of work please call or text me at 707-839-1416.

The board, The Officers and I would like to thank everyone that has helped this year, in the past and future projects and invite all of you to our next annual dinner to make our club a success in the future.

We will be releasing details for the 2019 dinner soon.

Thank you, Craig Casey, President

ATTENTION all Range Masters:
The Board and officers have decided to reserve Tuesdays and Thursdays for range masters. Sight in Days in September are open to the general public without an accompanying member.  It is always advised to check the calendar but you may be assured that these days are for RM use and will not be scheduled over.  Of course it still remains policy that any unscheduled day during the week can be used by RM  but it is desirable to have dedicated days as a basic priviledge.  Please continue to check this page in case of any emergency change. Thank you for being a Range Master and helping our members stay safe!
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The following is a list of the Lead Range Masters and their month of responsibility

Month                  First name                           Last name           Phone                                   Email

May                        Bob                                          McLaughlin       707-834-2588             robertb[email protected]
June                       Jerry                                       Wescott               707-822-2162            no email
July                         David                                     Sefton                    707-444-2535             [email protected]
August                  David                                      Young                    707-839-0591           [email protected]
September          Craig                                      Casey                     707-839-1416            [email protected]         
October                Doug                                      Kelly                      707-499-2301              no email
November          James                                      Isaac                      707-445-0136           [email protected]
December          Jim                                             Lewis                    707-498-6767             [email protected]
January                Stephanie                              Casey                    707-840-9440           [email protected]
February              Chris                                       Freeman               707-502-4991           c[email protected]
March                    Roger                                     Schroeder            707-839-2132           [email protected]
April                        Ben                                          Marschke            707-839-3709             [email protected]
The Lead Range Master (Lead-RMs)  program will have 12 Lead-RMs with one assigned to do RM duty for that month.  The Lead Range Master duties will include:
  1. Checking the calendar and knowing which RMs are assigned to do RM duty day.
  2. Insuring RMs for that month will make it to their range duty day.
  3. Fielding any questions from the RMs assigned for that month.
  4. Arranging substitues if someone cannot make thier RM duty day and they have not been able to find their own substitute 
           1. RMs should first try to find their own substitute.
            2. If they cannot  then the Lead-RM can check within his
                  monthly team.
             3. If no other RM is available to substitute for that month then the Lead RM should contact the Range Scheduling Officer who can work with one of the other Lead RMs. .
The Lead Range Master will NOT BE required to do Range Master duty and does   NOT have to be at the range when his charges are not serving their duty.

This procedure is in effect as of the 1st of May, 2016.  Lead Range Masters will get a list of the RMs assigned to their month after the meeting and RMs will get the contact information for their Lead-RM.