Events and Schedules

Long Prarier Gun and Archery Club
P.O. Box 416
Arcata, Ca 95518

ATTENTION all Range Masters:
The Board and officers have decided to reserve Tuesdays and Thursdays for range masters. Sight in Days in September are open to the general public without an accompanying member.  It is always advised to check the calendar but you may be assured that these days are for RM use and will not be scheduled over.  Of course it still remains policy that any unscheduled day during the week can be used by RM  but it is desirable to have dedicated days as a basic priviledge.  Please continue to check this page in case of any emergency change. Thank you for being a Range Master and helping our members stay safe!
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The following is a list of the Lead Range Masters and their month of responsibility

Month                  First name                           Last name           Phone                                   Email

May                        Bob                                          McLaughlin       707-834-2588             robertb[email protected]
June                       Jerry                                       Wescott               707-822-2162            no email
July                         David                                     Sefton                    707-444-2535             [email protected]
August                  David                                      Young                    707-839-0591           [email protected]
September          Chris                                       Freeman              707-502-4991           [email protected]            
October                Michael                                 Fettes                    707-672-9804           [email protected]
November          James                                      Isaac                      707-445-0136           [email protected]
December          Jim                                             Lewis                    707-498-6767             [email protected]
January                Stephanie                                Casey                    707-840-9440           [email protected]
February              Craig                                       Casey                     707-839-1416           [email protected]
March                    Roger                                     Schroeder            707-839-2132           [email protected]
April                        Ben                                          Marschke            707-839-3709             [email protected]
The Lead Range Master (Lead-RMs)  program will have 12 Lead-RMs with one assigned to do RM duty for that month.  The Lead Range Master duties will include:
  1. Checking the calendar and knowing which RMs are assigned to do RM duty day.
  2. Insuring RMs for that month will make it to their range duty day.
  3. Fielding any questions from the RMs assigned for that month.
  4. Arranging substitues if someone cannot make thier RM duty day and they have not been able to find their own substitute 
           1. RMs should first try to find their own substitute.
            2. If they cannot  then the Lead-RM can check within his
                  monthly team.
             3. If no other RM is available to substitute for that month then the Lead RM should contact the Range Scheduling Officer who can work with one of the other Lead RMs. .
The Lead Range Master will NOT BE required to do Range Master duty and does   NOT have to be at the range when his charges are not serving their duty.

This procedure is in effect as of the 1st of May, 2016.  Lead Range Masters will get a list of the RMs assigned to their month after the meeting and RMs will get the contact information for their Lead-RM.