Steps To Join
"Annual dues are $40/year, and members must be NRA members in good standing."  

To potential members of the Long Prairie Archery and Gun Club (LPGAC),

 The Club welcomes safe, concerned, and responsible adults (21 or older) who will abide by LPGAC and NRA rules of responsible range behavior.  Annual dues are currently $40, and membership is from July 1st through June 30th of the following year.
There are four steps to become an associate member:
1.  Join the NRA, if you are not already a member.
2.  Download the application form and fill it out, making sure to write your phone number and e-mail address legibly, so that we can contact you. 
3.   Mail to PO Box 416, Arcata, CA 95518:
      a.  your completed application form, and
      b.  proof of NRA membership (the mailing label from the NRA magazine), and
      c.  a check for $40.- (your first year's dues). 
4.   Wait for us to contact you to set up an interview to finalize your membership. 
      (This make take several weeks, please be patient.)

         As an associate member of LPGAC, you (and up to two guests, free of charge) can visit the range 9:00AM-4:00PM on weekends whenever no scheduled events is happening (check the calendar!). The range is not open to associate members during the week. 
         To become a Range Master, you must be an associate member for a minimum of one year and complete the NRA's Range Safety Officer training.  A Range Master serves 2-3 days per year. If you become a Range Master, then you will receive a key to the range and have free access to the range on weekdays when no scheduled events are taking place.
Keep it Safe—Keep it Open.

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